Finding Purpose Mini-Retreat

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Uncovering my God-given purpose has dramatically impacted my life.  It’s given me...


Greater energy,

Confidence in who God created me to be,

More meaningful days, and

Greater focus on what matters most in my life.


I want the same for you!

We’re called to many purposes.  Our faith and spiritual lives bring great purpose to our lives.  The many roles we play -- daughters, sisters, wives, Mothers, friends, employees, volunteers, etc. -- are important as well.

God also has another purpose
for you that's all your own.

He’s given you gifts, passions and experiences that

equip you  to make a unique contribution to enrich

the lives of others – while also enriching your own. 

It's a  contribution no one else can make in the way that you can.

In today's fast-paced world, it can take all we have just to get through the day – much less reflect on our purpose, right?  But it’s worth reflecting on... 

Imagine how much better life will be if
you have unshakeable confidence that
you're living out your purpose... 

You'll enjoy life more, have more fun.  

Life will be simpler -- you'll focus more on what matters most and say No to things that get in the way.


When you lay your head on the pillow at night, you'll be grateful you’ve used what God’s given you to make a difference.

This mini-retreat will...

Give you time away from your daily routine to take a breath, pause, and reflect. 


Remind you who you are beyond the roles you play. 


Allow you to experience hands-on activities designed to shed light on the gifts, passions and experiences that make you uniquely you.

Put you on the path to identify your unique life purpose.

You’ll leave feeling refreshed, with a new sense of confidence and anticipation as you continue to pursue the purpose God has for you.


During our time together, we'll...

Debunk myths about purpose.

Explore why it’s easier to uncover your purpose than you might think.


Share hands-on tools & tangible steps you can take to identify your purpose.

You'll benefit from time dedicated to individual activities as well as group interaction to tap into the collective wisdom of others.

8:30 - 9:00 am      Light Breakfast & Fellowship
9:00 am Sharp      Kick-off

We'll start the day with a fun get-to-know you exercise. I'll give you an overview of what we'll be doing & share how your purpose is your GPS, guiding you to the places where you can have the greatest impact. 


Explore Your Gifts

Your gifts -- what you're naturally good at -- offer clues to your purpose.  We'll spend time getting a strong handle on yours with both individual and group activities.


Note:  Before our meeting, you'll take a brief temperament test.  When you arrive at the retreat, you'll get a summary sheet personalized to your temperament type.  This will give you a starting point for discerning your gifts.




Explore Your Passions

When I ask clients what they're passionate about, they often say they don't really know.  But, it turns out, they do!  After a few exercises, they identify what they really care about and what lights them up.


During our retreat, we'll look at things like your values, hobbies and interests (past & present) & other things that matter to you.



Identify Significant Experiences

We're shaped by our experiences -- both positive & negative.  We'll split into pairs & ask some intriguing questions to identify key lessons learned from your significant experiences.


Putting it All Together - Your GPS

Before we close, we'll look at all three pieces together -- your gifts, passions & significant experiences).  They form a picture that will help lead you to your unique life purpose.

Since this is the inaugural retreat, we'll talk about your favorite part of the day, one thing you'd change/add/delete, and any other suggestions you have for future events.

12:30 pm       Closing

You'll walk away refreshed, with personalized steps you can take action on right away!


Because this is the first Finding Purpose mini-retreat, I'm offering you a discounted rate of $40.  All I ask is that you give feedback about your experience so I can make the next mini-retreat even better.

Are you in?  Click below to register.

Got questions?  Call me!   (678-576-6415)

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