Your Next Chapter

Your Next Chapter

I work with amazing women like you who are ready for a fresh new chapter in life…

The problem is you’ve been putting yourself last—behind everyone and everything else.  


In fact, you’ve putting yourself last for so long that you feel restless, and you find yourself thinking, “I don’t know who I am anymore.” You want to rediscover all of who you are, not just the roles you’ve been playing.


And you’re afraid if you continue on the path you’re on, you may never reconnect with all of who you are and look back with deep regret.

The good news is that you can wake up feeling energized, full of purpose and excited about what the future holds for you!

Your Next Chapter begins now
and will help you uncover what YOU want and
inspire you to realize it’s never too late to go for it.
Through this program, you’ll…

Learn how to put yourself at the top of the priority list, without guilt or apology.

Get to the heart of what matters most to you.

Find your spark again.

Create a life that you love more than you ever thought possible.

Feel confident and clear, knowing your next chapter will be your best yet!

Do you…

Find yourself wondering, “Is this all I’m meant to do? Is this all there is to life?”


Desperately want to pursue something new and fun — that’s yours and yours alone?


Feel selfish when you do take time to relax and do things you enjoy?


Find yourself wandering aimlessly from one thing to another, with no clear plan?


Wonder whether you can really create the life you want?


Sometimes feel like you’re standing on the sidelines, letting life pass you by?


Have a dream you want to pursue, but worry others will think it’s crazy?


Long to leave your current job but fear you’re not qualified to do anything else?

Picture yourself going from feeling confused — trying to figure it all out — to feeling confident because you have a

clear vision of your (fabulous) future and a plan to get there!


Discovering what lights you up and makes you feel alive — and doing it!


Feeling confident in knowing what your purpose is and pursuing it with all you have.


Laughing at dinner with friends, making memories.

Experiencing a richer, life-transforming spiritual life


Radiating such joy that your friends want to know what your secret is.

Making time to read (and not falling asleep while doing it!)…landing the job of your dreams…running that marathon…going on a spontaneous trip to New York for the weekend…taking an improv class…


These are exact results from clients who once felt the way you do right now.
Your Next Chapter is a 16-week private coaching
program unlike any other. You’ll benefit from the
structure of a proven framework and the
flexibility of a plan personalized to suit you.
How It Works

This program works! It's successfully guided scores of other women as they’ve created a next chapter they love.


Your customized plan will incorporate how you like to approach life, learning, and change so that you have fun during the process and create the life you want even faster.

We’ll use a combination of one-on-one coaching sessions, a Coaching Guidebook, and eye-opening discovery activities to design a next chapter you’ll love.  We'll take a comprehensive look at the various spheres of your life to ensure you're living the life you really want to live.

Coaching Sessions

Our weekly or biweekly (your choice) private coaching sessions are at the heart of the program.  


As a result of these 30-60 minute sessions, you’ll feel confident, inspired and motivated. You’ll be ready to take action.

Coaching Guidebook

To get the ball rolling before our very first session, you’ll receive your Coaching Guidebook. It spells out what to expect from coaching and questions to jump-start your journey. 


You’ll add to your Guidebook as we go along to keep track of your progress.

Discovery Activities

At the end of each session, ​

we'll decide what discovery activities you'll complete. They run the gamut from a happiness list to an interview with someone you admire to a scavenger hunt...One size doesn't fit all.

You'll have fun pursuing your goals and get there faster than you would on your own.

The investment for this four-month, life-changing program is $1,275 (if paid up-front) or four monthly payments of $375 (for a total of $1,500).


to get


Coaching's an investment in your future -- and you're worth it!

If you're on the fence,  schedule a free consult to experience coaching.




To make it even easier to say 'yes', I offer a satisfaction guarantee.  Within 45 days of starting coaching, if you're not thrilled with the results, you'll receive a full refund.

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