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  • Carla Collis Gesite

Are You a Chameleon?

Being adaptable can a strength BUT not if... ⁠

❌⁠ You're adapting because you think you're not "enough." ❌⁠

Take a client I'll call Lauren who I met at a networking group. I'd spent a good bit of time with her, so I thought I knew her well. Turns out, I didn't.⁠

When she shared her Myers-Briggs type with me, I was shocked! Her type was the Adventurer (ISFP). People with this type crave:⁠





Before hearing that, I would have bet money that she was a Logistician (ISTJ). Her true type was practically the opposite of the Logistician. People with the ISTJ type crave:





Ultimately, it made sense that Lauren's type was the Adventurer. She was unhappy in her work because...⁠

🌠 She wasn't being herself. 🌠⁠

In her industry, Lauren felt she needed to present herself as detail-oriented & "by the book." And she was miserable doing it...⁠

Fortunately, once she decided to be true to herself, Lauren found a role in her company that leveraged her creativity & gave her a lot more freedom.⁠

Where in your life do you feel like a chameleon? What steps can you take to be the real you instead? 😎⁠


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