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Outline:  Coaching Session

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Before each coaching session, you’ll answer three questions in your Session Strategy Form:

  • What are your celebrations and successes since our last conversation?

  • What roadblocks are you now experiencing?

  • What would you like the outcome of this coaching session to be?


At the end of each session, you’ll commit to action items.  We typically plan to cover results in the next appointment.  With that said, you know yourself, and your circumstances, better than anyone.  So, you make the ultimate decision about a given session’s topic. 


  • Something may have changed since we last spoke, and you’d find more value in discussing a different subject.

  • If you’re not sure what you want to discuss, that’s okay, too.  We’ll figure it out together.


Each session tends to flow as follows:

  • Check-in:  Quick review of successes and challenges from your Session Strategy form.

  • Agreement:  Our intention for the session—a specific outcome we’re working toward.

  • Exploration:  In-depth discussion about the topic of your choice, using questions/approaches that suit your needs.

  • Action Steps:  What you plan to do before our next session (which might be things to think about, create and/or do.)

After each session, you’ll complete a brief Post-Session Recap form, sharing key takeaways and action items. 


Also, I take brief notes during our sessions, which you can find in the Client Log if you log into the website.


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