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Hi, I'm Carla.

I help amazing women age 40+ create a next chapter that's their best yet, where they...

  • See their confidence soar,

  • Experience more joy,

  • Live out their unique purpose, and

  • Create a meaningful legacy.

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Free Resource:  My Happiness List

Ever get bogged down in your daily routine? It can be easy to just go through the motions. But there's always happiness to be found, no matter our situation. These worksheets will help you find happiness in the midst of the every day.

Check your In Box.

Does This Ring True...?

You’ve got a great life, but you're restless (maybe even bored) 
and long to feel energized and excited about your days. 

You're a women who's...

Used to doing it all.

A rock for everyone around you.

The go-to person for everything.

You want the best for those you care about -- and go above and beyond to help them.


And you can't imagine life any other way.


The Problem...

You're tired.

Confused about why you feel unsettled.

And a little (or maybe a lot) dissatisfied.

You also feel guilty for feeling this way.  After all, you've got a lot to be thankful for, right?

The Good News...


First of all, my friend, you need not feel guilty. Tons of other (wonderful) people feel the way you do. Take it for what it is -- a sign that there's room for more joy in your life.

Second, you can make yourself a priority, without worrying that the world will fall apart if you do.

​With age comes perspective. 


In our 40s and 50s, we re-examine our assumptions about who we are and what we want. Things that worked before may no longer fit (kinda like those bell bottoms or acid wash jeans we wore!)


It’s time to think about new possibilities...


You're free to do things you didn’t dare dream of before.


And you (yes, you!) have a wealth of experiences and wisdom to draw on as you plan your second half. 


You want to wake each day energized, full of purpose, and excited about what the day holds. And that's what you deserve!​

So, are you ready to...


Rediscover all of who you are? 

Uncover what you really want? 

Embrace what makes you unique?

Get to the heart of what matters most to you?

See your confidence soar?

Uncover your purpose and explore how you

can make a difference in this crazy world?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, you've come to the right place!
Let's partner to create the life you long for!
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