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A Little About You...

You're ready to think about what YOU really want. 

Maybe you've put your personal needs last for so long -- behind your work, children, or any number of things -- that you're not sure who you are beyond the many roles you play.  

You might be tired of dragging yourself out of bed every morning, repeating the same routine. You long for something new -- even if you're not sure what that 'something' is.

Or you're facing an empty nest, and you don't know what you'll do with your newfound free time and flexibility.

You probably find yourself questioning...

Is this all there is to life?

Am I doing what I'm meant to do?

Why do I feel so restless?

You know you want to kick restlessness to the curb and find your spark again. But you're overwhelmed at the prospect...

You also find yourself wondering, 'Where do I even start?'

That's Where I Come in...

Hi. I'm Carla Collis Gesite, and I help amazing women like you create a next chapter in life that's their best yet.

I was once where you are -- restless and ready for change. I found myself tired, irritable, and yearning for more. One weekend, I had an epiphany that led to a full-blown identity crisis and two years of soul-searching...

The result?

I live with a greater sense of confidence and purpose than ever before...And recaptured a childlike joy that I thought was lost forever.

I want the same for YOU!

Every woman deserves to...

Enjoy true confidence -- appreciating who God created her to be, rarely fretting about who she's not.


Spend time on what matters most to her -- prioritizing what's truly important. 

Live out her life's purpose -- making the unique contribution only she can make.

Having experienced it firsthand, I can tell you it's possible.

Do I have it all figured out?  No.

Is life perfect?  No.

Do I enjoy life in a way I didn't before?  Yes, yes, yes.


Let's partner to uncover what you want 
and create the life you crave.

Carla Talks About Her Transformation on Babbie's House TV
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Ready to

get started?

Carla's Professional Bio

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