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Finding Purpose Mini-Retreat

Agenda in Detail

8:30 - 9:00 am      Light Breakfast & Fellowship
9:00 am Sharp      Kick-off


We'll start the day with a fun get-to-know you exercise. I'll give you an overview of what we'll be doing & share how your purpose is your GPS, guiding you to the places where you can have the greatest impact. 

Explore Your Gifts


Your gifts -- what you're naturally good at -- offer clues to your purpose.  We'll spend time getting a strong handle on yours with both individual and group activities.


Note:  Before our meeting, you'll take a brief temperament test.  When you arrive at the retreat, you'll get a summary sheet personalized to your temperament type.  This will give you a starting point for discerning your gifts.

Explore Your Passions


When I ask clients what they're passionate about, they often say they don't know.  But, it turns out, they do!  After a few exercises, they identify what they really care about and what lights them up.


During our retreat, we'll look at things like your values, hobbies and interests (past & present) & other things that matter to you.

Identify Shaping Experiences


We're shaped by our experiences -- both positive & negative.  We'll split into pairs & ask some intriguing questions to identify key lessons learned from your significant experiences.

Putting it All Together - Your GPS


Before we close, we'll look at all three pieces together -- your gifts, passions & shaping experiences.  They form a picture that will help lead you to your unique life purpose.

12:30 pm       Closing


You'll walk away refreshed, with personalized steps you can take action on right away!


The investment for this program is $75. 

What an incredible value for life change!


"Life change" might sound like a tall order, but that's what I want for you -- to leave the mini-retreat with a new perspective on what you have to offer and next steps to keep the momentum going.

To create a relaxed environment and ensure everyone gets the individual attention they deserve, group size will be limited to 10 women.

You'll also receive:


  • Light refreshments

  • Electronic copy of Carla's presentation

  • Individual & group activities that shed light on your purpose

  • Summary of traits for your individual Myers-Briggs type

  • Worksheets & examples to point you toward your purpose

  • Membership in the Living Your Purpose private Facebook group​​

Are you in?  Click below to register.
Got questions?  Call Carla at 678-576-6415.
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