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Finding Purpose Mini-Retreat

Carla shares why you don't want to miss this!

Uncovering my purpose has dramatically impacted my life.  It’s given me...

Greater energy,

Confidence in who God created me to be,

More meaningful days, and

Greater focus on what matters most in my life.

 I want the same for you!

Join us and get on the path to your purpose as too!

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Join us for our next

Finding Purpose Mini-Retreat!

Sunday, March 15 , 2020     
2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
  • Interfaith

  • Will include moments of silence for prayer/meditation, meaningful quotes & a strong focus on spirituality


Location:  Alpharetta 


Cost:   $75      


         You have a purpose that's all your own.

You have gifts, passions and experiences that

equip you  to make a unique contribution to enrich

the lives of others – while also enriching your own. 

It's a  contribution no one else can make in the way that you can.

In today's fast-paced world, it can take all we have just to get through the day – much less reflect on our purpose, right?  But it’s worth reflecting on... 

Imagine how much better life could be if
you have unshakeable confidence that
you're living out your purpose... 

You'll enjoy life more, have more fun.  

Life will be simpler -- you'll focus more on what matters most and say No to things that get in the way.


When you lay your head on the pillow at night, you'll be grateful you’ve used what God’s given you to make a difference.

This mini-retreat will...

Give you time away from your daily routine to take a breath, pause, and reflect. 


Remind you who you are beyond the roles you play. 


Allow you to experience hands-on activities designed to shed light on the gifts, passions and experiences that make you uniquely you.

Put you on the path to identify your unique life purpose.

You’ll leave feeling refreshed, with a new sense of confidence and anticipation as you continue to pursue the purpose God has for you.

Ready to Register? 


Sarah Martell

Changed how I live my life

The mini-retreat was really inspiring and much needed. I signed up because I needed renewed focus on what God wants for my life. I left with that and more.

We touched on a number of different areas, which kept it fresh, interesting, and challenging.  I got fresh insights into my gifts and what truly fulfills me. 

A month later, I’m having fun creating my purpose statement.  It's changed how I live my life because it involves my relationships with others and I’m excited to step out into it.


During our time together, we'll...

Debunk myths about purpose.

Explore why it’s easier to uncover your purpose than you might think.

Share hands-on tools & tangible steps you can take to identify your purpose.

You'll benefit from time dedicated to individual activities & group interaction to tap into the collective wisdom of others.

For a detailed agenda:

Feel I'm more of a "whole person" again

Terisha T.jpeg

Terisha Tatter

Thank you so much, for the beautiful, wonderful gift of the mini-retreat.  I loved the time alone (that I don’t give myself permission enough to do) and connecting with other women.  


I realized I haven’t been taking enough time for me.  I’ve been too busy taking care of everybody else. I also hadn’t realized how much I missed -- and how important it is to have --  time bonding with other amazing women!  It was a magical day and I am left wanting more!!! 

In the months since, I’ve spent more time doing what I love.  I'm happier and feel I’m more of a “whole person” again.  It all started with the retreat!


Thank you Carla, for sharing your gifts, your wisdom, your guidance and your love. I am truly blessed to have been a part of this and future retreats!!

  • Who is this mini-retreat for?
    This workshop will be valuable to any woman who's interested in pursuing her purpose -- in making a difference in the world! With that said, the Finding Purpose Mini-Retreat will be especially valuable to you if you're in a time of transition. If you... Are tired of your work & considering a career change... Finally got that divorce or breakup behind you & want to revisit what you really want in life... Are a worn-out Mom who wants to focus on herself for a change... Are approaching a milestone birthday & want to discover your gifts so you can give back... Find yourself an Empty Nester (or soon-to-be) & aren't sure what you want to focus on... Often wonder, "Am I doing what I'm meant to do?" or "Is this all there is to life?"... Then this mini-retreat is for YOU!
  • What will I gain from taking part in the mini-retreat?
    You’ll… Be refreshed during this time away from your daily routine. Experience hands-on activities to give you direction as you explore your purpose. Gain confidence as you look at who you are beyond the roles you play. Leave with tangible steps to take to live out your purpose.
  • As we're exploring purpose, will activities be mystical or "woo woo"?"
    No. We won't be doing trust exercises or holding hands and singing Kumbaya. (There’s a place for that, but not here.) While the topic of purpose can feel amorphous, our focus is on practical tools and skills.
  • How many people will be there?
    To create a relaxed environment and ensure everyone gets the individual attention they deserve, group size will be limited to 10 women.
  • Will I be asked to share in front of the group? (I'd rather not.)
    You choose how much, or how little, you contribute during group time. At past retreats, some women didn't know anyone prior to attending. They expressed relief that the group was welcoming and helped them feel comfortable right away.
  • What's included in the $75 fee?
    Life change! That might sound like a tall order, but that's what I want for you -- to leave the mini-retreat with a new perspective on what you have to offer and next steps to keep the momentum going. You'll also receive: Light breakfast Summary of key traits for your individual Myers-Briggs type Hands-on activities that will shed light on your purpose Worksheets & examples to point you toward your purpose Electronic copy of Carla's presentation Membership in the Living Your Purpose private Facebook group
  • What should I wear?
    Dress in comfortable clothes -- think your favorite pair of jeans or yoga pants.
  • What's next?
    I hope you'll register for the retreat! See below to register.

The investment for this event is $75.  


An incredible value for life change!  "Life change" might sound like a tall order, but that's what I want for you -- to leave the mini-retreat with a new perspective on what you have to offer and next steps to keep the momentum going.

To create a relaxed environment and ensure everyone gets the individual attention they deserve, group size will be limited to 8 women.

You'll also receive:

  • Light refreshments

  • Copy of Carla's presentation

  • Individual & group activities to shed light on your purpose

  • Summary of traits for your Myers-Briggs type

  • Worksheets & examples to point toward your purpose

  • Membership in the Living Your Purpose private Facebook group

Are you in?  Click below to register.
Got questions? 

         Call Carla at 678-576-6415.

Gave me focus

kristi l.jpg

A few months ago, I was feeling kind of lost as to my purpose, so I was excited to take part in Carla’s mini-retreat.  


I left the retreat feeling more grounded about what I need to focus on: “Finding worthwhile ways to use the gifts God’s given me.”  This focus has given me the courage to get out there and make some changes I’ve been thinking about for a long time.  After 20 years of focusing on my sons’ activities, I’ve rejoined the workforce and am loving contributing and helping in creative, new ways.

If you’re thinking about attending this retreat, I highly recommend that you go!  I think you’ll be very glad you did.

Kristi Lodigensky

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