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The Full Story

A classic, take-charge first born, my journey toward  workaholism began at a young age. I wanted to be the best at anything I did. In 3rd grade, I was already a perfectionist, crying when I scored anything less than 100 on a test. And dance recitals? The worst! Weeks before, you'd find me obsessing over the mistakes I might make.  You can see the tension in my forced smiles in the photos.

My overachieving ways followed me through school and into my work in marketing research. I was working like a maniac  — nights, weekends, vacations. 

My epiphany came one weekend on a beautiful Saturday when I was sitting in my office. Looking out the window, I got mad. My friends were out at the river having fun, and here I was, working yet again. I practically shouted, 'Why am I the only one working weekends? Where is everybody else? It's not fair!'


Then I had my 'Aha' moment...

'They're not here because they chose not to be.' 


It seems absurd to me now, but it never occurred to me that I had a choice. My mantra was, 'Work hard, get the job done, be the best. Work hard, get the job done, be the best'...'


I never stopped to consider what I really wanted. I continued performing and did what I was 'supposed' to do. 


It. Was. Exhausting.

My realization that day put me on a path of major transformation. 


I began to realize I was more than my job, more than my accomplishments. And that there was more to life than work.


I went from dragging myself out of bed, dreading everything I had to do that day to day bounding out of bed (okay, more like rolling -- I'm not a morning person), looking forward to the day.

After 20+ years in the marketing research industry, I longed to enjoy a career focused on empowering others to make positive changes in their lives. So, in 2009, I received my degree at CoachU and became a life coach.


There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a client flourish as we work together. 


Hearing her make new discoveries about herself.

Watching her confidence blossom.

Seeing her face transform from looking tired to lighting up when she talks about what’s going on in her life.

Want to Know More?

Here are a few fun facts...


Back in 1967, my love for animals of all kinds began with our first dog, Blacky...Today, I'm Mom to Riley and Bogey, miniature Australian Labradoodles.


If you drop by my house on a Saturday, you'll probably find me dancing while listening to '70s R&B.


Cumberland Community Church is one of my favorite places to be! It's where I learn, grow & enjoy relationships with wonderful people.


On a beautiful day in October 2010, after 47 years of singleness, I married Al Ray Gesite. (It can happen at any age, ladies!)


I'm in heaven if I'm in and around water -- whether it's an ocean, river, lake, pool, or bath tub! (Al Ray says I must be part Mermaid.)


Confession: I'm an ID addict. I love On the Case with Paula Zahn and Homicide Hunter with Joe Kenda ('My, my, my.')

Carla's Professional Bio

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