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  • Carla Collis Gesite

It's Time to Act on Your Dream!

Sometimes it seems easier to wish, wonder and dream than to take action. We're afraid of being disappointed, of failing, of being seen as frivolous. When we let our fears stay at the forefront, our vision is clouded.  So, set your fears aside, and ask yourself... Is this dream something I really want (not what others want for me)? Does this dream speak to my heart, not just my mind? Would my dream have a positive impact on the world (no matter how small)?

If your answers are "yes," give more consideration to your dream:

What makes this dream important to you?

How would life be different for you, and others, if your dream is realized? 

What downside, if any, do you see? 

How would your life be impacted if you never pursued this dream?

Would you regret not pursuing it?

After pondering these questions, does your dream still hold appeal? If so, what one action can you take today to move you toward that dream?  Take that first step, and see where it takes you.

Enjoy the journey as it unfolds.


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