• Carla Collis Gesite

Is it Dangerous to Follow Your Heart?

Over the past week, I've read a couple of posts by Christian bloggers warning against following your heart or your passions.

It really got me thinking -- because I encourage women to listen to their hearts and passions when seeking to uncover their God-given purpose.

I found myself wondering, is this position wrong? Am I leading people astray? Because that's the last thing I want to do.

After considering it, and praying about it, my answer is Yes and No.

Following our hearts can be dangerous.

  • Sometimes our feelings can turn on a dime -- which may lead to unwise decisions. We have to remind ourselves not to make decisions based solely on emotion.

  • Following our hearts can also be selfish. In our flesh, we're all about ourselves. Yet, we're called to love others as ourselves. So, if we sense something in our hearts, we need to consider how it might impact other people.

At the same time, God places desires in our hearts based on who He created each of us to be. Thus, all of our desires are't wrong or sinful.

  • The Lord's given each of us a unique personalities, gifts, passions, and interests. They shape who we are, which includes our hearts.

  • Of course we feel strongly about things in alignment with our gifts and passions. That's His intention.

The Bottom-Line:

If we want to follow the path God has for us, He doesn't want us to make snap decisions. He doesn't want us to make decisions based solely on how we feel. He doesn't want us to disregard others.

What does He want?

He wants us to pay attention to what we sense in our hearts because He's placed His desires there.

He asks that we prayerfully consider whether our desire is of Him.

He wants to ask Him for discernment and read His word to be sure our desires are in line with scripture.

Most of all, He wants us to thrive, using who He's shaped us to be to benefit everyone we encounter!

What has God placed in your heart?

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