• Carla Collis Gesite

2 Simple Methods to Set Meaningful Goals

How do you feel about setting goals? While some people enjoy the whole process, most people I've encountered have mixed feelings about goal-setting.

As a life coach, I know the ideal scenario is for each woman to set aside time -- across multiple days and weeks, probably in November or December -- to do a deep dive into her life so she can set the absolute best goals for the upcoming year. She'd examine the various areas of her life (e.g., health, relationships, home, finances, work, personal growth, fun & recreation, etc.), ponder her hopes and dreams, take a look at her responsibilities, and pray/meditate about them. From there, she'd come up with goals and record them, along with more specific objectives. She'd work toward these goals and monitor her progress. She'd reach all of them and celebrate! And repeat this process the following year.

Some people I know do all of this, and I applaud that. Most of us, however, haven't gotten there yet (and may not even aspire to). Which is absolutely fine. As a matter of fact, I'd venture to say that there are as many ways to approach goal-setting as there are people.

If you're not into a rigorous process -- or aren't up for it this particular year -- I have good news for you! You can set goals that are meaningful for you in a matter of minutes. Here are two ways to do just that...

#1 -- ONE WORD

The Approach:

This method involves selecting one word that embodies what you most want in 2019.

To uncover your word, ask yourself...

  • This time next year, what do I want to be different? (Consider things like your health, relationships, finances, personal growth)

  • How do I want to feel this time next year?

Your answers to these two questions will give you insight into what's uppermost in your heart and mind.


Health, focus, light, family, peace, fun, faith, confidence, love, simplicity, plenty, community, self-worth

How to Use Your Word:

Once you've uncovered your word, use it as a theme for the year.

Make the word your screen saver; post it around your home, office, and car; make it your mantra.

When deciding on commitments to take on, consider which option(s) will give you more of what your word represents.


The Approach:

Use two key questions to uncover what's most important for you and yours during 2019:

1. What do I want MORE OF this year?

2. What do I want LESS OF this year?

Start with these general questions. If you want more raw material, ask these two questions for various areas of your life, like: health, relationships, home, finances, work, personal growth, fun & recreation, spiritual life, home.


I want more...quiet time,

I want less...stress,

How to Use What You Learned:

You can list the things you want more of/less of as goals. ("I want more 'me' time." "I want less/fewer commitments.")

If you want, you can make your goals more specific. ("I will spend at least one hour a week doing something for myself." or "I will resign my position with the HOA in January.")


Use one of these approaches, and let me know what you come up with.

Wishing you much joy and love this year!

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