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  • Carla Collis Gesite

What Kind of Intelligent are You?

Gardner's 7 Types of Intelligence

You, my friend, are smart. How do I know? Because we all are!

Tonight's dinner topic was IQ tests.

I've never taken one.

If I'm honest, part of the reason is that I'm afraid I wouldn't score well. (I suppose there's still that part of me that wants to make the good grades.)

But there's another reason, too. From a young age, my parents taught us that there are different types of smart. Some people are 'book smart', and others have more 'common sense.' Not everyone can sing well or play baseball or make straight As.

Apparently, Howard Gardner, a developmental psychologist and Harvard graduate, agrees.

In 1986, Gardner developed the theory of Multiple Intelligences.

He rebelled against the idea that IQ tests accurately measure intelligence.

Test anxiety and nerves aside, his main argument was that IQ tests do not factor in the wide range of capabilities human beings have.

He created a model featuring 7 types of intelligence:

  • Musical - 'music smart'

  • Kinesthetic - 'body smart'

  • Interpersonal - 'people smart'

  • Linguistic - 'word smart'

  • Mathematical - 'logic smart'

  • Naturalistic - 'nature smart'

  • Intrapersonal - 'self smart'

  • Visual - 'picture smart'

You, my friend, are smart! The question is, which types of intelligent are most 'you'?

If you want to better understand the many ways you're smart, take a free Gardner test here:



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