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  • Carla Collis Gesite

Do We Have Just One Life Purpose?

Recently, I spoke to a women's group about life purpose. As is usually the case, I opened by asking people what thoughts and feelings came up for them when I mentioned 'life purpose.'

Many said they found the idea of purpose overwhelming.

They're not sure what their purpose is, and some are afraid they'll never find it.

The question arose as to whether we each have a singular purpose. There was a lot of energy around the question because, some feared missing out on that one thing they're supposed to do.

Rest assured we have a number of purposes throughout our lives.

For many, their purpose starts with their spiritual beliefs. They might view their purpose as things like:

Pursuing enlightenment

Serving others

Glorifying God

Minimizing suffering

Embodying Torah

The many roles we play in life bring us purpose as well. We're Mothers, Fathers, sons, daughters, friends...Our careers give us a sense of purpose, as do our affiliations with particular communities and organizations.

With that said, I do believe we each have a unique reason we're here, something we can bring to the table that's completely unique to us.

Each of us has unique strengths, passions, life experiences, and values. This unique combination that makes us who we are puts us in a position to serve others. And I've found that, for most of us, there's a place where who they uniquely are meets another person's specific need.

Some purpose statements to give you inspiration...

I was born to touch people through music.

I'm called to mentor young people to be strong leaders.

God’s purpose for me is to experience his unconditional love and share it with others.

Working with children is my calling. They need the love, encouragement and discipline I can give them.

My purpose is to provide hospitality to others, to make them feel welcome.

I use my creativity to educate people about the importance of protecting the environment.

My purpose is to help people understand the life-changing benefits of proper nutrition.

The first step to finding your unique contribution is paying attention to what excites you.

What lights you up?

How can you use it to make a difference for others?


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