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  • Carla Collis Gesite

To Reach Your Goal, Channel Your Inner Kid

Growing up, I was strong-willed. Not a problem child, mind you. I usually did as my parents said. But there were times I just couldn't help myself, when what I wanted beckoned too loudly. When I went full steam ahead even though I knew I'd be punished for it.

Like the time I just had to drink from a real glass instead of the plastic Captain Kangaroo cup I usually drank from...

I was around five years old. My Mom was taking a bath, eager to enjoy a few rare minutes of peace away from my younger sister and me. I was delighted when I heard the water stop running, knowing this meant she'd be soaking for awhile. I'd have a few uninterrupted minutes to complete my mission. So...

I quietly went into the kitchen and approached the dishwasher.

It creaked as I opened the door. (Uh-oh. Did my Mom hear it? No sign she did.)

Standing on the dishwasher door, I launched myself onto the kitchen counter.

Opening the cabinet, I took a glass off the top shelf.

And, lightning fast, climbed back down.

Then came the moment I'd been waiting for...

I poured myself some orange juice and drank from a real glass.

I felt triumphant. Like Superwoman. After months of dreaming about it, I finally drank out of a real glass.

So, what's the lesson here?

1) Be willing to take a chance.

I was highly motivated. I wanted to drink out of a glass so badly I was willing to take a chance. I didn't care that my Mom might get mad. I didn't care that I'd probably get a spanking.

2) Lead with an attitude of confidence.

Given the chance, I just knew that I could get to that glass and drink from it without breaking it. (No matter what my Mom said!)

What goal or dream do you want to pursue?

Are doubts looming large and getting in the way?

Think back to when you were a kid and wanted something so badly that you believed you could do it and didn't give doubts any room to take root.

Now, tap into that kid's attitude and go for what you want!

P.S. Walking into the kitchen after her bath, my Mom saw the glass proudly displayed on the counter. She was clearly surprised and asked how I was able to reach it. And she didn't spank me after all. Maybe she was too impressed with my chutzpah!


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