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  • Carla Collis Gesite

Increase the Odds You'll Reach Your Goal by 95%!

Write down your goal. Visual yourself achieving it. Tell people what you're doing. Create a step-by-step plan. Follow that plan. Track your progress. Ask for help...

Chances are, you've heard these principles to help you achieve your goals. These are sound, proven principles. Yet, there's one piece that's often missing from our plans -- true accountability.

Your odds of reaching your goal are markedly higher is you're accountable to someone for it.

This is especially true if you schedule time with your that person.

In fact, an American Society of Training and Development study found:

If you set a goal, you're 10% likely to achieve it.

If you commit to someone you'll do it, chances go up to 65%.

And (drum roll please)...

If you have a specific appointment with someone you're accountable to, the probability of reaching a goal jumps to a whopping 95%.

Pretty significant, right?

It makes sense: Imagine you're working toward a big goal -- let's say running your first marathon. This past week, you've been tired and haven't felt motivated. You've missed a few workouts. You have a meeting scheduled with your accountability partner this coming week.

What will you do? I bet you'll step up your workouts so you have great progress to share with him or her!

Having someone else in our corner does so much. We don't feel alone in pursuing our goals. We have someone to brainstorm with, to talk to when we're discouraged, to cheer us on, and to challenge us. We also have a built-in incentive to do what we say we're going to do. Because who wants to show up to a meeting without good news to report?

Now the question is, how do you choose an accountability partner?

Well, since you'll meet with him or her regularly, this person should be someone you enjoy spending time with. And, obviously, someone you respect and know will show up for you. You'll also want to look for someone who:

  • Listens well.

  • Offers encouragement and support.

  • Shares ideas.

  • Challenges you and will hold your feet to the fire when necessary.

  • Will celebrate the small "wins" along the way.

Chances are, you can think of a family member, friend, or colleague who fits this criteria to partner up with.

Guess who else you might consider. A life coach, of course!

Accountability is one of the top benefits of working with a life coach.

Curious about what working with a life coach might look like? Click on the link in the footer to schedule your free consult.


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