• Carla Collis Gesite

One Step to Markedly Increase the Odds You'll Reach Your Goal!

We've all heard about the most important factors in reaching goals. Things like... Write down your goal...Visualize reaching your goal...Create a road map/plan to reach it, with key dates...Break the goal down into smaller objectives...Etc.

Yet, one of the most important steps is often neglected. Your odds of reaching your goal are markedly higher is you're accountable to someone for it.

In fact, an American Society of Training and Development study found:

If you set a goal, you're 10% likely to achieve it.

If you commit to someone you'll do it, chances go up to 65%.

When you have a specific appointment with a person you've committed to, your

probability of reaching your goal jumps to a whopping 95%!

So, don't settle for just telling someone about your goal. Find someone who'll not only support you but also hold you accountable for working toward your goal.

Who should you team up with? Someone who will encourage you but also hold your feet to the fire, if need be. Also, someone who you have fun with since you'll be checking in with him/her regularly.

You can team up with a family member, friend or colleague. Or consider hiring a life coach. He/she will be your partner as you identify your specific goals, and close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.

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